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Innovators and entrepreneurs tend to be ahead of the trends, so it can be difficult to find gifts for them. Here at edison365, we pride ourselves on the fact that we know what innovators need to succeed and make ideas pay, so we’ve compiled a short list of things that you could possibly add to your Christmas shop.

Give them just a little more time

Time management is always a difficult thing to master and is crucial for project success. Help your entrepreneur develop this key skill with a time tracking device. Devices like these help you track how long you’re spending on particular tasks and understand where they’re spending their time.

Many thought leaders state that organizations need to carve out time for employees to innovate and ideate. This can be difficult when so many other things seem to take precedence. Help the innovator in your life to track their time on other projects so that they can identify areas for optimization. They can ultimately find more time to do the things they enjoy.




Give them a new problem

Innovation at its simplest is overcoming a challenge. Different types of thinking, and different perspectives are often essential to surviving in a world full of disruption. Help the innovators in your life to learn those skills (or simply to keep them sharp), get them a few puzzle games. These can act as great stocking fillers, while also being a great way to train the mind!

Teach them something new

Help your friends, family or colleagues widen their talents and interests with a subscription to something like Skillshare. Offer them the opportunity to expand on their understanding through 100’s of online courses. Understanding these topics more can give them insight to solve challenges or develop new solutions.

Encourage their creativity

Successful innovation often relies on creative ideas. Help the innovator in your life to stretch those muscles with an artistic challenge for Christmas.

Over the course of the pandemic, as restrictions encouraged people to stay home, there were many ‘art at home’ style business that cropped up, delivering paint by numbers, sculpting clay and more to your home. Grab one of these kits, and not only will they be thankful for the break from the computer screen but will also be able to experiment with a new creative outlet.

While innovators may already have grabbed the latest tech, but you can surprise them with tools to refine their thinking and discover new ways to approach the challenges they face daily. Keep checking back into to the edison365 Advent Calendar to see what other festive fun we’ll be sharing throughout December.

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