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Christmas dinners simply have to be the best part of Christmas, gathering your friends and family together and making a meal with all the trimmings. Everyone has their favorite part and their secret to making it perfect, and we thought we’d share ours with you:

Will Dennis, Product specialist

“ROAST POTATOES! And the company I have.”

Jack Selman, Operations & Delivery Consultant

“Only one answer here, and anyone giving you any different responses is either a liar or confused. Yorkshire puddings.”

If you’ve got guests coming who have very varied tastes (aside from a universal love of Yorkshire Puddings), then Jack has a solution for you:

“The secret is to make a fresh batch of mulled wine alongside the Christmas dinner. Red wine, cloves, oranges, and a dash / generous helping of brandy. Get so merry that you don’t care / can’t taste your food and everyone’s a winner!”

Emer Walsh, Content Executive

“It’s got to be the roast potatoes! They have to be super crispy though, my top tip for getting them that crispy is sprinkling a little polenta across them.”

Ellis Putnam, Campaign Executive

“Everything! My Dad makes the best roast potatoes at Christmas, apparently the secret is squishing them halfway through and cooking them in butter. Makes them crispy yet fluffy!”

Elo Ozumba, Client Engagement Consultant

Nigerian fried rice is a staple dish during the Christmas period for my family.”

Tad Haas, Executive Vice President

“Clearly the best part of any Christmas meal is being with the people you love and care for.”

And what’s Tad’s secret to the best Christmas dinner?

“Letting someone else do the cooking?”

Paloma Armada Gamboa, Innovation & Client Engagement Executive

Getting the family together. Because we are such a big family, we each bring a plate or two to share with everyone, so we end-up having 6 meals in one dish. It is the variety of the food and the love that each one has put into the meal that makes Christmas diners the best, that’s my secret.”

Ivan Lloyd, Chief Innovation Officer

The best part of Christmas is probably the alcohol, but if not then it’s probably my home made Christmas Gammon. And my secret is plenty of alcohol – waking up early for a glass of champers and going from there. Also helps with the relatives.”

Jake Favell, Product Quality Assurance

“My favourite thing is actually cooking the food. A few glasses of wine and plenty of preparation always makes it enjoyable. Hearing people compliment your efforts always makes it worthwhile.”

No matter what makes your Christmas dinner special, we hope you have a wonderful day! Make sure you stop by to see the last few days.

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