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Ideas are available in bulk in any organization, but for innovation to be successful and worthwhile you must have the ability to see them through and make them pay for the whole organization. Understanding how to make this end-to-end journey work for you can be difficult but taking stock of your existing approach and determining where it can be improved will be the difference that takes your good ideas from the drawing board through to the balance sheet.

Why should you care about innovation preparedness?

Innovation is more than just thinking of inventive ideas for new products and processes. This often-held view is what causes innovation to fail, as ideas are forwarded to project teams for delivery, but without insight into existing resources, schedule, or the expected benefits, it can be difficult for them to execute the project as intended.

What is the edison365 innovation preparedness assessment?

The edison365 Innovation Preparedness Assessment is a short questionnaire that encourages you to reflect on your current business situation and review your existing processes.

The Assessment enables you to ask critical questions, such as:

Ideation process – How does your innovation strategy impact the wider organization? How is your ideation process underpinned by technology?

Justification process – Does your organization have a structured and transparent approach to business cases?

Delivery process – Are you project teams able to deliver innovation portfolios effectively? Can stakeholders see all existing and previous actions taken?


What are the benefits?

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll receive a report, detailing where exactly your organization can benefit from change, whether it’s process, technological capabilities or management/governance. This report will give you insight into:

  • Where your organization currently sits with its existing processes
  • The steps you need to take to create an effective end-to-end process that can make ideas pay.
  • How technology might be able to help you on your journey
  • The best place for you to start preparing for an end-to-end process.

The edison365 Innovation Preparedness Assessment does not replace the expertise of our programme and delivery consultants, but it does help you on your journey of gaining a greater understanding on how ready you and your organization are for innovation.

Essentially, the eIPA is a quick and simple way to understand your organization’s readiness for an end-to-end approach to innovation. It can help you establish a roadmap so that you can easily create a process that takes ideas from the drawing board through to delivery. You can complete the edison365 Innovation Preparedness Assessment here

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