Leveraging edison365ideas to uncover your innovators

by Emer Walsh

Organizations across the globe are beginning to put more and more focus into their innovation efforts, but why? Innovation has always been seen a solution for organizations to stay competitive in an ever-changing and disruptive environment. Also, innovative activities host a large number of opportunities for job creation and revenue growth, making it a key driver for business expansion.

Due to the potential large-scale impact innovation can have, many forget that all you need to begin is a single idea. Organizations that are aware of these benefits, sometimes struggle to successfully implement their own processes because they are unable to identify innovators within their workforce. Understanding where innovators are within an organization and empowering them to support innovation objectives will lead to a more successful ideation process and ultimately a more effective and deliverable solution. Truthfully, anybody can propel innovation. Being innovative is not a skill that only a select few have. Anyone has the potential to be innovative, so in order to uncover the innovators within an organization, the bottlenecks to innovative creativity must be addressed.

Why aren’t innovators coming forward?


The way to uncover your innovators is to create a space for your employees to share their thoughts. Often within organizations there is no structured process in place to encourage feedback on current standards. Without this encouragement, employees are hesitant to use their voice, causing there to be an apparent shortage in visibly innovative behavior.

If an innovation process has been previously established, ideas are often submitted in closed loops and focus around a single point in time. Employees who were not in the initial email thread or given the survey link will not be able to contribute, thus limiting the number of potential innovators the organization can access. Furthermore, these types of processes do not account for collaboration, and without the space to discuss their ideas with their colleagues, many possible innovators may shy away from sharing it publicly.

The effect it has on innovation


Without a group effort, innovation cannot succeed. Not every idea presented will be a winning one. To overcome this issue, there needs to be an acceptance for failure, but also a large mass of ideas which can be quickly reviewed. Therefore, without a space for your employees to share thoughts you will not be able to achieve a large volume of contributions and your employees will not become your innovators.

Moreover, the term innovator doesn’t just account for just your idea creators. Anyone who is involved in the process is an innovator, especially if they’re helping the development of ideas. If you are only trying to engage those people, you are missing out on a large portion of employees who have the ability to help develop concepts past the initial description. If an organization is operating with a closed loop for innovation, which does not support collaboration, then many suggestions that could have been solutions will not be fully conceptualized and fail.

Leveraging edison365 to uncover your innovators


Tools like edison365ideas make it simple to address the issues that stop organizations from discovering their unknown innovators. An innovation management system acts as a centralized, transparent hub for all your innovation activities. A structured process will enable employees to see the journey of their contributions and understand why their ideas have not been progressed. This transparency will motivate more employees to come forward, transforming themselves into your organization’s innovators.

edison365ideas also motivates employees to come forward with their bright idea with configurable gamification features. Organizations can use these features to establish an effective rewards and recognition program. When employees feel as though their actions can benefit not only the organization but themselves then the organization opens themselves up to the possibility of previously untapped innovators.


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